Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

1- The terms and conditions include several policies, including “Terms of Use” or terms and conditions of use and represent the purpose of entering the site and everything related to registration and creation of accounts and when the site has the right to close or keep accounts, and it also includes limits and methods of using the site’s products and materials.

2- Conditions and conditions include the definition of the nature of the work and the identity of the site, such as stating the name of the site, its field of work, and to which company it belongs and what is the main address of the company.

And the numbers of the official documents related to it, such as the tax card, the commercial registry, and the licenses that give the company the right to practice the activity officially, preferably in writing at the beginning of the conditions and policies.

3- If your site is an online store, it must include the conditions and cases in addition to the aforementioned “shipping policy” and include everything related to shipping starting with the shipping methods, shipping companies, shipping times, and so on.

It must also include a “return policy”, in which it clarifies when the user has the right to return or replace the product, and during any period, and other matters related to the returns.

In the case of e-stores, the terms and conditions must also cover a “payment policy” that includes payment methods and methods of securing the payment process.

And the refund policy in the event of compensation, returns, fraud, or the like, as well as all that relates to currency exchange rates when paying in the local currency.

4- Conditions and conditions include general advice about safety factors and the method of protecting the user in cases of fraud or fraud, or in other words, an explanation of what the user must do in order not to be a victim of fraudsters or what to do when exposed to fraud.